Triple S Woodcrafts


Triple S Woodcrafts is a family-owned business that focuses on creating handcrafted woodworking items. The business started after many years of saying, "we should make this into a business. People love your woodworking!"  With his wife's prodding, Doug started Triple S Woodcrafts.

Triple S represents the three Swanson's who help in the woodworking shop, craftsman Doug and his two children, Abby and Nathan.

The woodworking is done on a lathe from pieces of wood that start from a tree trunk or a scrap piece of wood. Items are also made out of acrylics that Doug typically makes to create a color profile that is very unique. His craft results in a personal touch on every piece he creates.

When Doug is not in the woodworking shop, he can be found working as a Fire Fighter or helping coach his kids' activities.